canon-princessHi! I'm Erica and I love to take photos. I also love my friends and family and taking pictures. I have a passion for makeup, photography, music, shopping, and fashion! I use the Canon Rebel T3i with the standard kit lens. Follow if you like(:


My favorite photography blogs are jenna-canon, canon-couture, and hanmattan. My favorite store is Brandy Melville ♡


“love your canon princess on the top of your tumblr page. Was it made on polyvore?”

Thank you and yes I made it there! :)

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“Whats your youtube(name)?”

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“What is UR youtube Chanel's name?”

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“how did you curl your hair without heat?”

With braids and mousse :)

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“Do you have an Instagram?”

Yes! for my youtube channel where I post pictures I take and just daily pictures. It is @tarteprincess!

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“whats ur hair color ?”

I have never dyed my hair, it is naturally brown with slight highlights from the sun (in the summer)

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please dont change the source :) 

please dont change the source :) 

(Source: canon-princess)

this was so good! (:

this was so good! (:

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